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Tips from a Top Celebrity Stylist | Simon SAID


We’re firmly ensconced in awards season and, as happens each and every year, we’ve started fixating on the perfect–or perfectly undone as the case may be–tresses that are lining the red carpets. From sleek ponies to flowing waves, we’re always on the lookout for some hair-spiration from our favorite stars. To ensure we all pull off our red carpet-inspired hairstyles with flourish, we’ve recruited a pro — enter: hairstylist to the stars, Marissa Marino! We got to know Marissa on set for our holiday shopping video and just had to get some expert insight on achieving our best hair yet. She’s created coifs for the likes of Selena Gomez, Hilary Duff, and Jennifer Morrison, among many others, so it’s safe to say Marissa knows what she’s talking about. Read on for her well-honed tips and tricks then head to Simon to pick up her must-haves.


Tell us a little about yourself – have you always wanted to be a hairstylist?
I’ve definitely always loved doing hair, but I never thought it could be my career. When I was about 16 and starting to think about college, someone suggested it to me, and a lightbulb went off! This is my passion, and I feel grateful that I get to do something I love every day.

What’s a career highlight that you’re super proud of?
Getting to style Selena Gomez for the Met Gala for the first time in 2014 was the ultimate for me. When I was an assistant at 22, my boss took me with him to help prep his client for the Met Gala and it seemed so magical. Cut to eight years later and I was creating a look for my own client — a dream come true.


It’s awards season — what trends are you expecting (or hoping!) to see on the red carpet?
More interesting styles for sure! The last couple of years have been pretty simple and sleek. I think this year it’s going to be a little more fun — I also think you’ll see a lot more hair accessories!

Any tips for creating a hairstyle that lasts all day and night?
Your blowout is the foundation for a long lasting hairstyle. Put a holding cream into your hair when it’s damp and then blow dry it in. From there, your hair should have memory hold for the night. Also, finish with a good hairspray!

What’s your go-to hairstyle for a fun night out?
I love a good beachy wave or a super tight high ponytail

Number one trick of the trade that we should know when they’re doing our hair at home?
This may sound like something everyone knows, but I’ve realized with my clients that it’s not! When you rinse out your shampoo and conditioner in the shower, spread your hair apart at the back of your head and near the nape of your neck and let the water hit these areas directly. Otherwise, you will have oils building up back there. It’s a very common mistake to just rinse quickly from the top.

Read on for a few of Marissa’s favorite products of the moment!




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