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Google removes links on celebrity injunction couple


Internet giant has blocked dozens of search links containing references to star and alleged threesome after legal requests

Google has removed links to articles about the celebrity couple at the centre of a injunction in response to legal requests.

Searches for the names of either person return notices at the bottom of the page saying results have been removed.

Removed entries on both sets of searches are linked to the same legal requests. However, links to a database which records takedown notices go to pages without any information.

The Daily Mail reported that an online privacy firm claiming to be acting on behalf of the couple had complained about more than 150 links on the search engine.

The removal notices are more normally used for taking down links to copyrighted information. They are different to the messages Google posts when it removes links under EU right to be forgotten rules.

Google declined to comment.

The notices have appeared just days after a political blogger revealed that he had received legal threats from lawyers after he published the names of the couple.

Newspapers and other publishers based in England and Wales remain unable to print the names of the pair after an appeal court ruling upheld an injunction against the Sun, forbidding it from publishing a story about one half of the married pair allegedly having a threesome with another couple.

The court cited the potential impact on the couples young children, and the fact their statements on their marriage were not contradicted by the celebritys behaviour.

However, although the notices indicate some content has been removed, the search results pages still show numerous articles detailing the story covered by the injunction.

An appeal against the ruling by the Sun is due to be heard on Friday.

Read more: http://www.theguardian.com/us


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