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Easy Hair Hacks to Achieve Influencer-Level Waves


The Bigger the Barrel

Wake Up to Waves

Structured Waves

Texture Spray FTW

Extreme Angel

The Bigger the Barrel

Your one-inch curling barrel may not work in the summer. Try to find a one-and-a-half inch option, especially if you have shoulder-length hair. A bigger barrel will provide free-flowing and bouncy waves. If you have waist-length hair, go for one-and-a-quarter inch barrel, as you’ll need more visible movement.

Image: @jennailiouhairstylist

Wake Up to Waves

Tousled waves will never not be stylish, and are easier to manage if you have shoulder grazing hair. Start at the ends, and roll the hair away from your face. 

Image: @nina

Structured Waves

If you want a little more structure, go for something calmer and sleeker, like these wavy coils. Make smaller curls, use a texturizing spray and finish off with a hair mist so it lasts all day.

Image: @lumabellabeauty

Texture Spray FTW

Influencers have days when they don’t want to wash, too, and dry shampoos and texturizing sprays always have their backs. If you want to hide greasy roots, leave the crown and start your work from the middle. On bad hair days, go for deeper waves and use a volume spray.

Image: @ameliezilber

Extreme Angel

Who better than a Victoria’s Secret angel to give us wavy hair pointers? Gigi Hadid keeps her ponytail bushy and dramatic by opting for close curls.

Image: @patrickta

If there’s one done-to-death summer trend that somehow still leaves us wanting more, it’s definitely the relaxed and sleek Insta-girl waves. You know the ones we’re talking about — the dreamy, effortless-looking waves that any and every influencer you follow has sported at some point.

The beauty of the influencer waves lies in the fact that no one can quite figure out if your hair is natural or the result of a two-hour morning routine. If you’re looking for wavy hair that doesn’t look manufactured, this trend is for you.

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Though it appears effortless, it’s easy to go wrong with influencer waves. Tight curls or extra crimped hair can end up looking quite awkward, especially in the summer. Which is why we have some stellar pointers if you want to look like you were born with gorgeous waves but only have 15 minutes to do your hair.

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