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50 Cool Google Search Tricks to Search Better in 2019


60 Cool Google Tricks To Search Better in 2019

Google Search or Google has become a teacher, deputy, knowledge archiver, and God knows what. Needless to say, it is much more than a simple search engine. It collects data from all over the internet, looks for meaningful information and stores the knowledge in its data centers and constructs it available to us in seconds. However, most Google users cannot take full advantage of Google Search as they don’t know how to use it. That’s why we have created this article where we are going to share best Google search tricks that can help you get the most out of this incredible tool.

These Google Search tricks and tips will help you search smarter and find what you’re looking for easily and conveniently than ever before. These will increase your productivity at inducing online research, and you will get the web’s information on your fingertips. The tips-off and tricks are grouped in sections or categories to improve accessibility and readability. Let’s dive in. Basic Google Search Tricks for Better Search Experience Search by Voice

Google allows you to make voice searches. If you’re browsing Google on its Chrome browser or using Google application on Android or iOS, then you can click on the Microphone button and immediately be addressed to Google what you’re looking for, and it shows the results after receiving the input from you.

Google Voice Search Search by Image

Google can’t only search for words but also for images. This is one of those Google Search tricks which is extremely useful but not many users know about. Basically, You can use an image to search for related images. This comes in actually handy when you have an image but don’t have any context for it. You only click the Camera button in the search bar of Google Images, and paste an image URL or upload a image from your system to make an image search. You can also find some more alternative reverse image search engines here.

Google Image Search Make Private Searches

Google in spite of its vast features don’t seem fit for privacy fanatics because of the tracking concerns. An alternative- Startpage allows you to attain Google searches without worrying about its tracking or other privacy problems. It demonstrates searches from the Google but don’t track your IP address or your place info or such. There are a lot such Google alternative search engines which can help you carry out private searches.

Make Private Searches Customize your Search Settings

Google lets you customize search sets to tailor the search results for you. You can customize your search settings by visiting the search settings page. SafeSearch can be used to block explicit results, and you can even ask Google to speak answers to your voice searches. Furthermore, you can set instant predictions, the number of results indicate per page, and your language and location to get more personalized results and recommendations.

Google Search Settings Beginner Google Search Tricks to Make Better Searches Search by Keywords

Searching is all about keywords- the better keywords you give to the search engine, the better results you receive back. Brainstorm what you’re genuinely looking for and type in the keywords as such. For example: “Google tips tricks” is better than “what are the tips and tricks for Google? ” because it allows Google to search for the right words without including the other avoidable words.

Search by Keywords Search a Specific Phrase

“”( double quotes) can be used to search for a specific phrase. Google listings merely the results having the dedicated phrase( between the double quotes) with same order of words as listed in the phrase. For example: searching for “I’m good” will ask Google to search merely for that phrase. You will not get any associated search results. This is great if you want hyper specific search results and don’t want related search results to mob up your searches.

i'm Good Search by Location

City name or Postal code at the end of your search query allows you to build searches for a specific location. This overrules the default behavior of Google to provide results for the locating calculated using your Internet connection’s IP address. For example: “food joints in New Delhi” or “food joints 110033 ” shows you food joints in New Delhi.

Search by Location Use Search Operators to Make Powerful Queries

There are various search operators which you can use to find specific search results when you use Google search. Some of the operators include “OR”, ” And”, “*”, “-“, and more. You can find the use case scenarios for these search operators below.

OR is used to give either-or words in the search query. Google listings outcomes having any of those words. For example, using the search term “buy cheap Android OR iPhone” is short for searching two queries “buy cheap Android” OR “buy cheap iPhone” and devotes results for both queries.

AND is used to list must-have words in the search query. Google lists results having all of those words. For example: “rent inexpensive AND decorated house” will output outcomes that contain both’ cheap’ and’ decorated’ words.

*( asterisk) is used to tell to search for unknown terms. Google listings outcomes having any word or group of words at the place of asterisk in the search query. For example: “Winston* Churchill” returns outcomes for Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill, a former British Prime Minister.

-( minus) is used to prohibit terms in the search query. Google lists outcomes that don’t have those words. For example: “buy windows laptop -dell” will output results that don’t contain’ dell’ laptops.

AROUND is used to do a proximity search and tell that the devoted words should be near to each other in the content. Google listings merely the results which have both the words, and that both the words are near with the maximum given proximity. For example: “India AROUND( 10) Modi” presents results that have the terms’ India’ and’ Modi’ at the distance of maximum 10 words.

Use Search Operators to Make Powerful Queries Search between 2 Numbers

..( two periods) lets you search between two numbers in Google. It’s helpful if you’re looking for things in a range, like product costs in your budget range, prime numbers in a range, etc. For example:” buy Sony camera 10000..50000 INR” will show the pages that sell Sony cameras in between the price scope of 10000 to 50000 INR.

Search between 2 Numbers Advance Google Search Tips for Making Superior Searches Search within a Specific Website

site: lets you search within a dedicated website and not the whole Internet. It’s quite handy if you know the place( website) for your search and saves you from going through undesirable outcomes. For example: “site: beebom.com android m” will list outcomes for the search term’ android m’, but the search will list results only from the mentioned website( beebom.com) and not from the other sites.

Search within a Specific Website

Find Specific Files

filetype: lets you search for specific files on the web rather than content or websites. It comes handy when you’re searching for presentations or PDFs or describes or other files whose extension is known. For example:” filetype :p ptx greenhouse effect” will search for presentations on the given topic of Greenhouse effect.

Find Specific Files Search for Terms in page’s Titles

intitle: and allintitle: allows you to search for terms in the page’s titles. Google is not restricted to search merely the content but can also search the titles of the pages. Titles usually describe the purpose of the content and a search in titles offers you refined listing of results whose contents are more close to what you’re looking for. For example: “intitle: india” shows only the results having’ India’ in their titles; and “allintitle: india drought crisis” demonstrates only the results having’ India’,’ drought’ and’ crisis’ in their titles.

Search for Terms in page’s Titles Search for Terms in page’s URLs

inurl: and allinurl: lets you search for words in the URLs of web pages. Google searches for terms in URLs along with keywords in the content to provide you better results. The same trick you can use to filter out search results and get the most useful results rapidly. For example: “inurl: google” depicts only the results having’ Google’ in their URLs; and “allinurl: google android app” demonstrates merely the results having’ Google’,’ Android’ and’ App’ in their URLs.

Search for Terms in page’s URLs Find Similar Websites

related: tells which are similar websites to the devoted websites. It’s better to know similar sites if you’re doing a research on some product or website. For example: “related: beebom.com” listings some of our competitor websites and blogs.

Find Similar Websites Search the Web by specific Country, Time or Location

Search tools( below the search bar) brings you filtering options to filter the search results based on various criteria like nation, period or locating. This helps you make better researches, and easily search news or local content of your place or nation. It’s a very convenient way to filter out bad search results. For example, I always refine my search by setting the time filter for past one year. This allows me to get only latest articles on my search query. This is yet another one of my favorite Google Search tricks.

Search the Web by specific Country, Time or Location Make advance Recent Searches

Google’s Search tools allows you to set a custom hour scope for search results. Employing this feature, you can defined a minimum duration of 1 hour. What to do if you want to check out search results from last half an hour? Here’s another Google trick inside a trick.

This trick involves playing with the browser’s address bar to set a custom hour that’s not available as an option in the Search tools. After the results page is loaded, edit the address and add “& tbs= qdr: XN” in the address bar and press Enter button; where’ X’ can be y( years ), m( months ), d( days ), h( hours ), n( minutes) or s( seconds) and’ N’ is the number. For example, adding “& tbs= qdr: n30” to the address shows the results for last 30 minutes.

Make advance Recent Searches Search Images by specific Size, Color, Type, Time or Copyright

Google offers you choice/ filter to select what you’re actually looking forward to if the search terms gets more than one type of information. For example, searching images for “Charles” brings you Charles Manson, the book Charles by Shirley Jackson, etc. and you can select any of the category to refine your search.

Search tools( below the search bar) brings you more refinement alternatives like sizing, coloring, form, period and usage rights. You can filter the images for small or large sizes, grayscale or any or full colorings, face or photo or clipart forms, appeared at what time and is it free to use in your next big project.

Search Images by specific Size, Color, Type, Time or Copyright Make Advanced Search

Google’s Advanced Search allows you to stimulate the best possible use of this search engine through a single page. It blends many of its search tricks, special features and search tools under one hood. You can search utilizing various operators, terms, file kinds, usage rights, speech and region, switch on safe search, and do much more utilizing its advanced search feature. You can access the advanced search by clicking Puts> Advanced search at bottom-right of Google’s homepage or directly by navigating to the advanced search page.

Make Advanced Search

Google Search Tips for English Learner and Fanatic Check Spellings

Google can even check spellings for you. If you’re not sure how to spell any word, then simply kind it in the Google’s search box and Google will tell its correct spelling along with other info.

Check Spellings Get Definitions, Synonyms, Antonyms and Pronunciations

define: lets you ask definitions, get synonyms and antonyms and just listened to accents of words. You can click on the small Speaker icon present at right of the word to listen to its accent. For example: “define: obligatory” gives you definition, synonyms and accent; and “define: obligatory antonyms” listings its antonyms as well as other information.

Get Definitions, Synonyms, Antonyms and Pronunciations Find Origins of Words

etymology: lets you find the origins of words utilizing Google. It’s get handy if you’re learning new words or doing some kind of research on words and their origins. For example: “etymology: simple” gets you the origins of the word ‘simple’.

Find Origins of Word Google Search Tips& Tricks for Working with Numbers Convert Numbers to Words

Google can also convert numbers to terms. It’s really useful when you have very large numbers that you require in terms kind. For example: “1 064305 in English” or “1 064305= English” publishes’ one million sixty-four thousand three hundred five’ on the screen.

Convert Numbers to Words Solve Calculations

“Calculator” opens up a calculator on the Google page where in you can type express to get results. You can also type the express immediately in the search box to get answers right away. For example: “calculator” opens up a calculator; “4* 5+2 -3/ 3”gives 21 as the result of the dedicated expression; and “2 1% of 50% of 30% of 1000” dedicates 31.5 as the final result of the expression.

Solve Calculations Convert Units, Time zones and Currencies

“Convert” lets you convert units, time zones and currencies from one to another. Currency rates are mostly up-to-date but should not be used as an alternative to market rates. You can use search terms such as “convert 5:30 AM GMT to IST” or “convert 5:30 AM GMT to New Delhi”. Other utilization include division conversion queries like “convert 1m to cm” or “1m in cm”, currency conversion queries such as “convert 1$ to pound” or “convert 1 USD to GBP” or “1 USD in pound” and more.

Convert Units, Time zones and Currencies Calculate Tips

” Tip Calculator” opens a small tip calculator quite similar in design to Google’s calculator. It lets you calculate tips by entering bill info. Search for “tip calculator” and it will open the tip calculator for you. Here you can add the bill amount, the tip percentage you want to give and it will calculate the full amount for you. If you are splitting the bill, you can do that too by changing the value under” number of people “. It will then calculate the divide bill for everyone which is just great.

Calculate Tips Get Real time Info Quickly and Conveniently Get Local Times

Time lets you see the latest real-time local time of any place in the world. You can use the name of the place or the code. For example: “time London” lets you know the current local period of London; and “time 10001 ” tells the time for New York.

Get Local Times Get live Weather Information

Weather lets you get the real time weather information for any place in the world. For example: “weather New York” will fetch you weather updates for the New York City.

Get live Weather Information

Get Movies Show periods

Google is also good at finding movie show times for cinemas near to you. Use the name of the movie followed by the city name or postal code and Google will list the movies playing near to the given location. You can click on the present time to see available tickets and link to website where you can book those tickets.

avengers endgame Get Directions and Ask for Navigation

Google can also guide you for attaining travels. Just search for a query beginning with “direction” or “navigate” along with start and end places, and it will show a mini-map with future directions. For example: “direction from chandni chowk to anand vihar New Delhi” shows the directions along with commute alternatives in a small embedded map on the results page; and “navigate from anand vihar terminal to New Delhi railway station” dedicates the navigational steps and directions.

Get Directions and Ask for Navigation Get Sunrise and Sunset hours

” Sunrise& Sunset” gets you the sunup and sundown hours for today. You can easily know when the sun is coming up and going down on this day. For example: “sunrise& sunset New Delhi” gets you sunrise and sundown times for New Delhi; “sunrise New Delhi” lets you view merely the sunup period for New Delhi; and “sunset New Delhi” lets you view merely the sunset day for New Delhi.

Get Sunrise and Sunset times Get Stock Quotes

“Stock” lets you view the latest real-time stock costs. You can also simply write the stock name to get its price, for example, “GOOG” to get Google’s stock price. For example: “stock GOOG” or “GOOG” provides the current market rate for Google’s stock. However if you are using a company’s name and not its stock name, then you will have to use the ” stock ” modifier. Also , note that the stock prices are mostly up-to-date but shouldn’t be used as an alternative to the market rates.

Stock google Track Courier packages

Google can help you track your packages by typing the tracking number directly in the search box. It is currently supported merely for UPS, FedEx and USPS packages; and shows you the status of your shipment use a rich-text snippet. For example: search query containing tracking number “1Z 9999 W9999999999” will fetch you the status of your package.

Get Flight status and Search Flights easily

Flight lets you get the latest real time flight status about any flights given by flight code or number. flight to can be used to get listing of flights from one place to another along with their prices. For example: “flight BA1491” dedicates the real time flight status about British Airways Flight 1491; and “flight New York to Paris” lets you view the flights for travel from New York to Paris.

Get Flight status and Search Flights easily Google Search Tricks to get Information, Efficiently Know your IP Address

IP address typed in the search bar shows your current IP address as acquired by Google. For example: “ip address” lists as my computer’s IP address.

Know your IP Address Get Movie Info

Google can present the data in various digestible ways, and its best method is its Knowledge Graph that can tell information about many things including movies. For example: “titanic casts” shows the casts info of Titanic; “titanic budget” indicates its budget information; “titanic characters” shows its characters and their actual names; and “titanic director” gets you name of its director, etc.

Get Movies Info Get Tourist Spots

Google can list the tourist attractions for any place in the world if you start your search starting with the trigger word “attractions”, and then offer name of the city or the postal code of the place. For example:” attractions New Delhi” or” attractions in New Delhi” list the places of attraction in New Delhi; and” attractions 10001″ lists the tourist places available in New York.

Get Tourist Spots Get Info about Celebrity and Personality

Google can list various public information about numerous celebrities and personalities. You’re merely a search away from learning something new about your favorite celebrity. For example, “Mahatma Gandhi height” listings the height of our Father of the Nation; “bacon number Amitabh Bachchan” shows the bacon number for Amitabh Bachchan; and “Emma Watson age” tells the age of the fairly actor of Harry Potter movie series.

Get Info about Celebrities and Personalities Get Nutritional Information

Google is smart enough to show nutritional info for food related searches such as mango, chocolate candy, etc. The given info includes calories, vitamins, fats, etc. For example: search queries “banana” or” chocolate cake” produces its nutritional info.

Get Nutritional Information Get dates of Holidays

Google is more than clever at answering your questions and getting the most in-context answers for you. You can ask Google about holiday’s dates, and it will tell the date when you can plan the next party with your friends. For example:” relationship day date” or “when is friendship day” gets you the dates of Friendship day as per your location or nation.

Get dates of Holidays Know what Others are Searching for

Google Trends shows you what others are searching for in any country of the world. It’s a superb tool for journalists and bloggers to get new ideas as well as look for the search tendencies. You can also filter the trends by choosing a category or click a trend to see more information about it such as relevant articles, interest over time, interest by region, trending queries, etc.

Know what Others are Searching for Search Newspaper Archives of more than 100 years

Google offers you the access to the digitized news content of over last several years. It scanned and digitized the old published newspapers in an attempt to bring the content from old newspapers easily accessible to the Internet users. For example using the “site: google.com/ newspapers Berlin wall” query will search for an article from scanned newspapers on the topic’ Berlin wall’.

Search Newspaper Archives of more than 100 years

Special Google Search Tricks and Tips Set Timer

Timer command lets you defined a timer utilizing Google. It’s simple enough for anyone and useful enough for various situations, such as when you want to take a mock exam, write an essay in predefined day, or divide your time for various chores, etc. For example: “timer” or “set timer” brings an online timer, wherein you can set time and start it off.

Set Timer Browse Offline Websites

Cache: can be used to browse websites that aren’t online for a while due to server problems. Google maintain cached copies of the web pages browsed by its crawler, and that’s why you can browse them even if their server is down as the cached pages are loaded from Google. For example: “cache: beebom.com” lets you browse Beebom.com even if it’s offline.

Browse Offline Websites Translate from One Language to Another

translate trigger command can easily translate text for you use Google Translate. Though you can use it yourself, but asking Google to do the translations is swifter and demonstrates handy when you’re in a hurry. For example: “translate welcome English Hindi” or “translate welcome English to Hindi” translates the word ‘Welcome’ to’ svaagt’.

Translate from One Language to Another Browse Blocked Websites

Cache: can also be used to browse websites that are blocked by your college, firm or government. The trick being Google’s domains are never blocked, and cache: fetches the cached copies of the web pages from the Google servers rather than the original site’s servers. For example: “cache: aksingh.net” lets you browse AKSingh.net even if it’s blocked for you. Do note that you won’t get the latest content on that website as the cache might be a few days old.

Browse Blocked Websites Google Search Tips& Tricks that Requires Signing in with Google Account Personalize your Search Settings

Google can get you personalized results tailored to your likes and personality based on your past searches. It offers you more relevant search results and recommendations based on the search activity stored in your Google account. Just login to your account and Google manages everything else to offer you very good personalized search experience. Your search puts are also stored in your account to use on any browser at any computer when you login to your account for stimulating searches.

Search your Contacts

Google can even dive into your contacts and get the info about one of your contact. You can search your contacts’ information such as phone number or email, and even call them right from Google Search. This feature only works on mobile devices and it’s very easy to follow. For example: “what’s dhruv gupta’s number” show the phone number for your contact; “what’s sierra’s email id” tells the email id of your contact and simply typing “call sierra” will trigger a call to your contact.

Search your Contacts Search your Photos

Google can search your photos collection and provide the right photo you’re looking for. You can easily find the photos from your college party or Christmas vacations using this feature. Simply start the search use” show my photos from” or” my photos from” and it list the searched photos. For example:” my photos from 6 July 2014″ listings the photos taken on 6 July 2014 from your photos collect.

Search your Photos Check Calendar Events and Meetings

Google can look into your calendar and find the upcoming events and meetings for you. Simply ask a query starting with” what is my plan for” or” my plan for” and it will list the events and sessions for the mentioned date and hour. For example:” my plan for today” lists the events and meetings defined for today’s date in my calendar.

Check Calendar Events and Meetings Set Reminders

You can ask Google to set a reminder for you right on your desktop and it will direct Google Now to remind you for the said task at the mentioned date and time. It merely works if you’re a Google Now user. For example: “set reminder for session in Delhi at 4pm tomorrow” will define a reminder for dedicated defines, and you will get a reminder notification in your Android or iOS device.

Set Reminders

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As you can see, there are plenty of tips-off and tricks that you can use to get the best search results. Note that you don’t need to remember all of them. Just go through the list of this Google Search tricks and assure which ones fit your employ instance scenario the most. Once you have decided which ones are important, then use them three or four times and they will automatically get remembered. Do check these Google Search tricks out and let us know which ones are your favorite by writing in the comments section below.

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