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5 Bizarre Celebrity Quirks You Can Never Unsee


We usually think of celebrities as the cream of humanity’s crop, so it’s always fun to be able to point a finger and say, “Hey, sometimes you suck just like we do!” If you’re anything like me, you spend your time meticulously analyzing pop culture until you find a small, unseemly quirk about a celebrity that you can then never, ever stop focusing on. Much like noticing a piece of food in a co-worker’s teeth and then only seeing that piece of food for the rest of the day, I invite you to ruin your perceptions of your favorite celebs. For instance …

#5. Jimmy Fallon’s Gibberish

Ever since he quit ruining sketches by laughing through his stint on SNL, Jimmy Fallon has been spending his time conquering the late-night circuit. It seems that his unique blend of childish game-playing combined with his charming guest banter is delighting audiences far and wide, since he is consistently #1 in the ratings. And I totally get it; The Tonight Show is a great way to stave off sleep while watching some of your favorite celebrities doing impressions of your other favorite celebrities like some freakish celebrity Inception.

Even if I’m not hanging around for the entire show, I’m always sure to catch Jimmy’s monologue each and every weeknight. In fact, I watch the monologue so intently that I started to notice a tremendously odd thing about the way Jimmy delivers his jokes. In addition to the classic “set up, punchline, cue laughter” method that has been around since jokes were invented, Fallon adds this bizarre string of gibberish that makes him sound like he’s speaking in tongues. I threw together a quick video to demonstrate what I mean.

I’m not crazy, that’s weird, right? And the weirder thing is that no one talks about it. Whenever I hear that someone watches The Tonight Show, I always ask them if they notice the gibberish, and they look at me as if I’m the fuckin’ weirdo in this scenario. My prevailing theory as to why this happens is that Fallon is attempting to do a “trail-off” of sorts before the audience starts applauding. But where most comedians will end with an “ummm” or maybe an “AM I RIGHT, FOLKS?” Jimmy just lets his mouth do whatever it wants. And if the noises that come out don’t happen to be words, well, then so be it.

It’s either that or his cue-card guy has a nightly stroke while writing his lines down.

#4. Kristen Stewart Loves The Taste Of Her Own Lips

I don’t consider myself the biggest Kristen Stewart fan. The Twilight movies, which made her a household name, weren’t really tailored toward my demographic. Even though I’m not following her career with any kind of regularity or interest, I still feel like I’m seeing her pop up everywhere lately. IMDb currently shows over a dozen projects she’s been involved in since her last vampire move in 2012. That’s an impressive career no matter who you are, and one which makes sure her face is constantly showing during movie trailer TV spots. It was actually during one of these recent television commercials for her movie Personal Shopper that I was reminded of the fact that homegirl is constantly licking or biting her lips.

As you can see in this video from a few years ago, I’m not the first one to notice Stewart’s penchant for abusing her eat-hole. When researching her for this article, the Google Image results brought up a plethora of useful references.

Somebody get this woman some ChapStick.

To confirm she’s still active in the lip-licking game, I pulled up a bunch of her movie trailers from the past few years. I wasn’t all that surprised to find that her acting style was still relying on whether or not her lips were getting enough lick. Like when she was “Lickin'” Joan Jett in The Runaways.

There are worse ways to spend your afternoon than watching Stews licking her lips over and over again.

I’ve never seen her movie Speak, but judging by what I can gather from the first 13 seconds of the YouTube trailer, it promises to be a whole lot of lips with an absolutely insane amount of licking.

Even more recently, you can see Stewart munching at her own face in the trailer for her Guantanamo Bay film Camp X-Ray.

They must taste delicious or something. I bet they’re made out of candy.

#3. Daniel Radcliffe’s Uneven Blinking

Daniel Radcliffe holds the rare distinction of being a child star who never succumbed to the horrors which typically befall actors who start out at such a young age. Instead of doing endless strings of drugs, like your Lindsay Lohans, or pissing all over janitorial buckets, like your Justin Beibers out there, he’s out trolling paparazzi and continuing to star in awesome movies.

For any other celebrity, being referenced as a farting, bloated corpse would be a low point of their career.

We all grew up loving Radcliffe from his earliest days as a tiny boy wizard in Harry Potter. It was during a recent revisiting of Sorcerer’s Stone that I noticed Harry’s strange blinking habits. Throughout the movie, you can notice that his eyes do not blink in sync.

You’re a freak, Harry!

If you’re not completely obsessive about what’s going on with an actor’s face, you might not even notice anything at all. While the offset blinking is not a constant thing, it happens enough during the film that it becomes noticeable if you’re looking for it. And you probably will start looking for it after watching this quick video I threw together for it.

The reason for all the blinking was actually due to a condition the young actor had called Dyspraxia, a brain affliction which has since garnered a lot of attention after he began speaking about it publicly. Radcliffe has clearly never let his condition hold him back, since he’s one of the biggest stars to ever come out of Hogwarts. And if you watch any of the subsequent Harry Potter films after the first, you’ll see that the blinking issue has all but vanished. It’s only during his adorable preteen years that you’ll see him blinking this way, which I think only adds to the charm.

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