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Tim Tebow Leaves Mom in Tears Surprising the Prom Date He Turned Down on The Tonight Show


Look up the term Jack-of-all-trades, and Im convinced youll find Tim Tebows name right next to it. The 29-year-old college standout made a name for himself at the University of Florida before diving head-first into an NFL career that later turned into a minor league baseball career.

Tim Tebow

His athletic accomplishments are reputable. But its what Tim Tebow does off the field that really deservesa trophy.

Not only does he absolutely love Jesus Christ and His people, Tim also has a heart for missions. In 2015, he opened the Tim Tebow CURE Hospital in Davao City, Philippinesa country his family holds near and dear to their heartsand he hopes to one day get married to a God-fearing woman who wants to raise a small village with him. (Hows that for a dating profile?)

Tim Tebow

When hes not at batting practice, or openly talking about his faith at a press conference following a game, Tim spends his time doing charity work. Its had a major impact on communities across the globe.

For the past three years, the Tim Tebow Foundation has held a worldwide prom event called A Night to Shine. Every year on the Friday before Valentines day, people with special needs are celebrated in this one-night event. Each guest shows up to walk the red carpet in true celebrity fashion. Theyre pampered by hairdressers and makeup artists, then everyone hits the dance floor for a prom night like no other.


This year, A Night to Shine was held at more than 375 locations worldwide, in 11 different countries. Tim says its his favorite night of the year.

On Wednesday night, Tim appeared on the Tonight Show where he and Jimmy Fallon talked about the success of the event. But that wasnt all he was there to do.

Tim had a special girl in the audienceJudy Adams.

Judy attended the Night to Shine event in New York this year, and even asked Tim to be her date. Due to a conflict in his schedule, he was unable to accommodate. But in true Tim Tebow fashion, he delivered something even better.

Tim invited Judy and her mom to come to the screening of the Tonight Show. Then during his interview with Jimmy, Tim turned toward Judy and asked her to dance with himright there on the stage!

Judys reaction was priceless, and Tim even had a corsage to put around her wrist!

Just when we thought Tim Tebow couldnt be a better human and role model, he pulls a stunt like this and has us all fighting allergies at our desks at work.

So much respect for this incredible athlete who regularly demonstrates what it means to be the hands and feet of Jesus upon the earth.



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