Home Awesome Kardashian clan celebrates news of Kim and Kanye’s baby; world rejoices, yawns

Kardashian clan celebrates news of Kim and Kanye’s baby; world rejoices, yawns



Keeping secrets is hard with so many family members! Especially when you are so freaking excited!!!!! LOVE is everything!!!!

— KhloéKardashianOdom (@KhloeKardashian) December 31, 2012

Twitter is flooded with news tonight that fame-mongers Kim Kardashian and her boyfriend Kanye West are expecting a child together.

West announced the news at a concert in Atlantic City:

Kanye West just announced Kim Kardashian is pregnant!

— Team Kanye Daily (@TeamKanyeDaily) December 31, 2012

Kanye West just announced on stage at the revel that Kim Kardashian is pregnant.

— Troy Story (@mrLdavis) December 31, 2012

Kanye just announced Kim’s Pregnant!! Chaos over here at Revel aw!

— Paris Monroe (@ParisMonroe) December 31, 2012

Kanye West announced at the Revel show right now that Kim is pregnant!♡ I’m so happy!

— Bakwe Nahla Giselle♔ (@MsNahlaGiselle) December 31, 2012

The world rejoiced…

Awwwwwwww. she looks so happy. RT @kardashianfan29: Pregnant kim and her mom at the concert right now twitter.com/KardashianFan2…

— Vaun.. (@_Vaun) December 31, 2012

KIM KARDASHIAN IS PREGNANT!!! I could legit cry. So happy. Omg. Lmao I’m the most pathetic fan.

— Allie Schultz (@AllieSchultzxo) December 31, 2012

KIM KARDASHIAN IS PREGNANT. I love celebrity news. I get so happy for them as if I know them, I’m pathetic.

— Marissa Giletto (@marissagiletto) December 31, 2012

…or shrugged its shoulders.

So what if Kim Kardashian is pregnant. I’m sure there plenty of other women out there who are also pregnant #imjustsaying

— Tha Jayman© (@tha_jayman) December 31, 2012

So word on the street is that Kim Kardashian is pregnant huh? What else is she going to do for attention.

— Adrian Rodriguez (@OXBuddha) December 31, 2012

Why are you all so fascinated about Kim Kardashian being pregnant? Is this really what my generation has come too? wow

— Darius (@darius_iam) December 31, 2012

Kim and Kanye have been together or messing around with each other for years.She’s pregnant.Who cares?

— Ataraxis (@Ataraxis00) December 31, 2012

I’m already tired of Kanye West / Kim Kardashian baby tweets.

— braden graeber (@hipstermermaid) December 31, 2012

Many wondered if this was another Kardashian publicity stunt:

What if Kim K being pregnant was a publicity stunt lmao 😂😂

— Fernando Colvin(@MrstealyoGirl8) December 31, 2012

Soooo, is Kim REALLY pregnant or is this a stunt??

— timiah. ✌✌ (@_notcreative) December 31, 2012

Kim K being pregnant…I call publicity stunt.

— Amy Burton (@JemiForLife10) December 31, 2012

Kim isn’t really pregnant its a publicity stunt after 72 days she’ll say she had a miscarriage

— Mike Hawk (@DepressingDildo) December 31, 2012

I’m convinced that this is a publicity stunt. Kim ain’t pregnant.

— v a l .(@HighFiveVal) December 31, 2012

@michellejcyrus @michellemalkin Hope @kimkardashian likes being a mom more than she liked being a wife. #72days #kardashianpregnancy

— RepRepublic (@RepRepublic) December 31, 2012

Bruce “Backseat” Jenner could not be reached for comment.


Hmmm, was this a hint from November?

Signs from November you guys RT @kanyewest: MY BABY twitter.com/kanyewest/stat…

— Ashley McCollum (@McCollumAshley) December 31, 2012

MY BABY twitter.com/kanyewest/stat…

— KANYE WEST (@kanyewest) November 12, 2012


Update: Well, #kimyebabynames is trending. This family sure knows how to work social media.

#kimyebabynames is now trending in #LA trendsmap.com/us/los+angeles

— Trendsmap LosAngeles (@TrendsLA) December 31, 2012

#kimyebabynames is now trending in #Toronto trendsmap.com/ca/toronto

— Trendsmap Toronto (@TrendsToronto) December 31, 2012


I wonder what Kim and Kanye’s baby name will be? Probably something ratchet… like Gucci Dash Swerve West. #KimyeBabyNames

— Kingsley (@kingsleyyy) December 31, 2012

#KimyeBabyNames it depends. If its a girl it could be Kanye or if its a guy it also could be Kanye

— Flying Lotus (@OhThatRasheed) December 31, 2012

You know Kanye gonna name that baby after himself. Girl or boy. #KimyeBabyNames

— Kandy. (@WutUppDoe) December 31, 2012

#KimyeBabyNames – hopefully something Spanish which means “Please don’t let these two no-talent hacks homeschool me”.

— Lane Leach (@lanoleach) December 31, 2012

#KimyeBabyNames Kanye East!

— Calvin (@Aznkiddlocc) December 31, 2012

Our faves:

Fiscal Kliff. #KimyeBabyNames

— Jordan Cohen (@jorcohen) December 31, 2012

Ama Letchu Finnish #kimyebabynames

— Michelle Cyrus (@michellejcyrus) December 31, 2012

And TV’s Andy Levy for the win!

well at least we know kim let kanye finish

— Andy Levy (@andylevy) December 31, 2012


Update: Kim Kardashian tweets the news.

New year, new beginnings! bit.ly/YFb3LA

— Kim Kardashian (@KimKardashian) December 31, 2012

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